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For people suffering from chronic migraine

About us

We are Salvia: an innovative startup active in the emerging field of bioelectronics. We derived the name Salvia from the Latin word salvere, which means to stay healthy. In addition, the Salvia-plant has been used to treat headaches, pain, and mental disorders over centuries.


The human body is controlled by patterns of electrical impulses transmitted through nerve fibers. In case of a chronic neurological disease, these electrical patterns are different. Bioelectronics are smart devices that use mild electrical impulses to influence nerve activity. Electrical stimulation is nothing new (cardiac pacemakers have been in use for decades), but scientists are just beginning to realize the possibilities of regulating nerve signals to actually treat disease. And this is where Salvia comes in.

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver bioelectronic solutions that restore health for people suffering from chronic migraine. Salvia is ambitious: we want to provide drug-free solutions that are effective and inherently side-effect free and make our novel solutions widely accessible.

Only great teams make lasting impacts

At Salvia we are keen in getting to know highly motivated and talented individuals to strengthen our R&D team. We are always open for technical talent with medical device development experience – contact us if you’re interested.

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Production Technician


Hubert Martens

Chief Executive Officer

Daniël Schobben

Chief Operating Officer

Wim Pollet

Chief Medical Officer


Michel Ferrari

Scientific Advisor

Manjit Matharu

Scientific Advisor

Stephen Silberstein

Scientific Advisor

Board of Directors

Alan Levy


Diana Saraceni


Ivan Burkov



Manfred Ulmer-Weber

Mercedes Tuin


Florian Ludwig


Pascal Levensohn



  • RESPONSE cluster headache study (5-’23)

    2023, May 22 The first evaluation of Salvia’s bioelectronic foil for people with cluster headache has started (“RESPONSE”). Detailed information is available at ClinicalTrials.gov.

  • RELIEF migraine study (5-’23)

    2023, May 15 The first evaluation of Salvia’s bioelectronic foil for people with chronic migraine has started (“RELIEF”). Detailed information is available at ClinicalTrials.gov.

  • Salvia-ZMT collaboration (7-'22)

    2022, July 1 Salvia BioElectronics BV and ZMT Zurich MedTech AG team up to optimize therapy through a neuro-functionalized model that supports electrode design, placement, and treatment parameter selection. The €1.8M project receives support from the Eurostars programme of the European Commission.

  • Chairman of the Board (7-'21)

    2021, July 1 Salvia BioElectronics appoints Dr Alan Levy as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

  • MedTech Strategist (11-'20)

    2020, November 17 The MedTech Strategist: "Salvia identified severe, chronic migraine as an underserved medical need in which their neuromodulation expertise could make a difference".

  • Breakthrough Device Designation (11-'20)

    2020, November 3 Salvia BioElectronics receives the FDA Breakthrough Device Designation for its innovative neurostimulation solution.

  • Series-A financing round (9-’20)

    2020, September 22 Salvia BioElectronics raises EUR 26M (USD 31M) to develop innovative neurostimulation therapy for chronic migraine, in its series A financing round in which both new and existing investors joined.

  • Scientific advisor (1-'20)

    2020, January 7 Salvia announced that Prof. Stephen Silberstein joins as scientific advisor for Salvia BioElectronics.

  • Clinical advisors (6-'19)

    2019, June 25 Today, Salvia announced that Prof. Michel Ferrari and Dr. Manjit Matharu join as independent clinical advisors for Salvia BioElectronics.

  • Start-up-to-watch (3-'19)

    2019, March 13 The MedTech Strategist listed Salvia as ‘startup-to-watch’ in an edition that features a 2-page interview with Salvia’s CEO Hubert Martens who explains the indication that Salvia addresses and the company’s ambition to provide an effective drug-free solution for chronic migraine that is as easy as taking meds.


Salvia BioElectronics B.V.

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Our location

High Tech Campus Eindhoven

Salvia is located at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. With more than 180 companies and >12,000 people working there, the area is known as the smartest square kilometer in Europe. A map of the High Tech Campus is available here. The office of Salvia is in building 41, located right across parking P4 West.


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